In an ‘everything as a service’ economy, it makes sense to want Branding to be BaaS. An orchestrated offering of disciplines… as a Service.

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Brand impact is only created when all disciplines dance together, at any size or scale. BaaS is a complete offering. Always fit for purpose and tailored to the appropriate size of the organization and its ambition.

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22ND MARCH, 2021

Why thought leadership is not for everyone

  Quite often it happens that a company knocks on the door of, let's say a PR-agency, to ‘build' or even 'create' thought leadership. It’s a bit like wanting to write a book: many people dream of it, barely anyone actually gets…

Hiring: Operational manager – Brand and Communications agency*

Nothing gets by you. You notice the said and unsaid; you have a clear antenna for the needs of others. You are smart, on your feet and proactive. You hear something and you conclude the logical next steps. You have a strong intuition on when…

Brands don’t need managing

Branding is a tough topic and almost impossible to talk about without agreeing to the definitions at the start of the conversation. There are more words like this: innovation and communication are also almost impossible terms to work with…

Robin Schaffer

Robin Schaffer
Director Analyst Relations

I’ve been in the tech marketing world for decades, and Leoni Janssen stands tall as a supreme professional. She is sharp as a tack, creative, committed and very inspiring. Under pressure, she calmly guides the team to smart solutions with an always positive attitude. She is innovative and knows how to execute her great ideas.

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