Leoni Janssen Consultancy is a full service Branding and Communications agency and also it is not an agency. Not as you know them at least.

In a networked modern world it is more efficient to select expert teams for every assignment and always work with the best for the job. Leoni Janssen Consultancy works with expert freelancers and agencies and assembles exactly what is needed.

Having worked with and at agencies for 20 years I wanted to provide a more nimble and effective offering, through hand-picking experts for every assignment – see a selection on the teams page. I see too many companies working with sub-optimal teams.

In an ‘as a service’ economy, it only makes sense for tech-savvy companies to want Branding to be BaaS. Especially when an in-house multidisciplinary team is not there and/or the bandwidth or expertise to orchestrate multiple agencies is missing.

I developed Branding as a Service to unlock a multidisciplinary branding service specifically aimed at organizations who want to directly build brand value but lack the bandwidth internally to lead and execute on that.

Working with absolute experts is not just the fastest and most satisfying thing to do, it is for sure the most cost-effective thing to do.

Leoni honed her expertise mostly in the field of Tech and Innovation. She started her independent consultancy after 12 years at the Edelman Technology practise and spent 5 years leading communications and branding at – enterprise software company – Unit4.

Reputational impact is only possible through a multidisciplinary approach.

Next to many smaller and less familiar brands she worked for some you might know, like:

Leoni Janssen

To ensure to offer all disciplines as an orchestrated unity she works with experts in all fields. This is a team she loves to work with and recommends if you are looking for more than just her guidance and consultancy. But of course she works with any good professional if you have your own team and/or preferences.

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