22ND MARCH, 2021

Why thought leadership is not for everyone

  Quite often it happens that a company knocks on the door of, let's say a PR-agency, to ‘build' or even 'create' thought leadership. It’s a bit like wanting to write a book: many people dream of it, barely anyone actually gets…

Hiring: Operational manager – Brand and Communications agency*

Nothing gets by you. You notice the said and unsaid; you have a clear antenna for the needs of others. You are smart, on your feet and proactive. You hear something and you conclude the logical next steps. You have a strong intuition on when…

Brands don’t need managing

Branding is a tough topic and almost impossible to talk about without agreeing to the definitions at the start of the conversation. There are more words like this: innovation and communication are also almost impossible terms to work with…

The ROI of (re)branding is like that of putting on your shoes

  For many things, the ROI is difficult to calculate. Take for example getting dressed in the morning, putting on your shoes, or the "ROI of your Mother", as Gary Vaynerchuk puts it (the video below is totally worth it, check it…

I am looking for a new colleague!

I am looking for a young professional in the field of branding and communications. Do reach out if this you, or if you know someone like this. Profile: - intelligent, and smart, curious and eager to learn about branding, PR, Corporate…

Mind your facial muscles when building thought leadership

  We usually keep a straight face or we are told to keep a friendly face in presenting companies, organizations, political or professional views. We have learned somehow that a neutral face is more professional than an expressive…

3 tips for selecting experts, agencies and team members

Selections can be painful and messy. You get apples and pears to compare or the one is easier to talk to and understands your business and the other ones seems a strong executer. What to go for. Here is how i do that.

….That’s the question

How do you learn what you need to know? How do you get information from others? If you talk you never learn anything, if you ask and listen you get wiser. This is my magic question. What is yours?

What parallel parking skills have to do with quota for women leaders

This everyday story is for everyone who thinks that biases against women no longer exist, for those who naturally assume that the world already is equal between the sexes. Just a point of view from a lady who knows how to park a car.
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