Hiring: Operational manager – Brand and Communications agency*

Nothing gets by you. You notice the said and unsaid; you have a clear antenna for the needs of others. You are smart, on your feet and proactive. You hear something and you conclude the logical next steps. You have a strong intuition on when to check and when to move forward. You get things done, are a pro in organizing yourself and others and do it with flair and intelligence. You like a challenge, an entrepreneurial mindset, there is a bit of Pipi Longstocking in you: believing that things you haven’t done before are great to try.

 I am looking for my right hand


– Assist in setting up new processes and project management, ensuring timely and accurate planning

– Planning smaller events and activities while keeping an eye on the bigger picture

– Assisting in all sorts of promotional activities: webinar organizing, blog posts, imagery, website updates, etc. – for customers and in-house

– Preparing materials, making sure all details are sorted for meetings and ensuring the right follow-up of meetings

– Work with suppliers, partners and customers – maintain relationships, getting agreements in place etc.


Personality, you are: 

– Good with people – empathetic, antennas for people’s needs

– Smart – logic is your biggest talent, you put one and one together

– Problem solver – you don’t run into problems, you find a way to get out of them

– Caretaker – you like running a smooth household, taking care of the people in it

– Well organized – naturally punctual

– Entrepreneurial – keen to find out new things, learn and find your way


Skills and background, you are:

– Fluent in English and Dutch – you understand, speak and write both languages well

– Down with most common software systems (google suite, MS365) – and okay to learn to work with new ones

– A proper project manager

– Able to switch between conceptual and detailed thinking

– Intellectually the equivalent to ‘Higher Professional Education’ or Academic

– Interested and/or experienced in the tech sector 

– Okay to work from home (especially now) and commute ones or twice a week to a workplace (Amsterdam – Utrecht area)

Any additional skills like: writing, design or administration are a plus.  

I care more about skills and personality than years of experience 


What I have to offer:

– Job for 32 or 40 hours a week

– An entrepreneurial environment – lots of room for own initiative

– Mentorship, attention for your personal development

– Trust

– Market conform salary


About Leoni Janssen Consultancy

LJC is a brand and communications agency and network that is founded by Leoni Janssen early 2020 and that is setup around experts in many fields related to Brand Building: PR in different countries, naming, design, events, video etc. All elements that together make up branding, marketing and corporate communications.

Leoni is obviously the founder and the lead consultant, with 20 years of brand and corporate communications experience mainly honed in the international technology sector. She serves as a CMO on demand and consultant for technology organizations.

LJC contracts experts for specific projects and retainers and where needed delivers a joint customer offering under Leoni’s supervision. You would be the third full time person on the team.

Do reach out to leoni@leonijanssen.com if you are interested or have any questions or to Savana ter Burg to hear first-hand how it is to work with me.

* I don’t mind  job titles, so feel free to suggest something else that fits with this profile and you.