Hand picked experts

I just so love working with absolute experts. In any field; I can watch the finesse of a good barber or carpenter for hours and not get bored. Skill is king.

In my own field I have the pleasure to work with them all the time and select them to serve organizational objectives. Find a good list of pre-selected experts below, these people I love to work with.

Of course I work with any good professional, can consult you stand alone, and are also happy to help you select your own suppliers for any specific need.

Allow me to introduce my dream team. If you want to reach out to them directly, feel absolutely free.

Bas van Driel Krol

Bas van Driel Krol – the visual expert

Bas has a paced and dry sense of humor and the sharp eye of an observer. He is a passionate designer looking to push the boundaries for brands, agencies and himself.

Bas works freelance, and is very skilled in creating full online experiences. He develops brand identities, guidelines and he functions as a consumer grade art director and creative lead for multiple advertising agencies. He has recently led UX and UI projects for Adidas, Philips, ING and Randstad Group.

He has been around. Twenty years ago, he founded Extrea Multimedia and was the Creative Director of this boutique studio. Here he focused on creating innovative online and offline brand experiences, rich internet applications and e.g. did (re)branding projects for large publishers.


Joachim ter Haar

Joachim ter Haar – the naming expert

Joachim is curious, quick on his feet and immediately looks for the big picture and the logical connection between the parts. Joachim has over 25 years of experience in building structural solutions for brands, brand names and portfolios.

He has a background in International marketing and advertising, was the International Brand Director for Bols Remy Cointreau, a Client Service Director at TBWA and has years of experience at Skriptor Zigila with branding cases in virtually every industry. Joachim is able to identify the core of the most complex brand portfolio cases quickly and help clients effectively to find the best and sustainable solution.


Josje van der Meer

Josje van der Meer – the visibility expert

Josje owns the perfect combination of being extremely practical while never losing sight of where the business is going. She understands the true value of visibility through publications and knows just how to realize those. She has a tremendous network and easily connects to new influencers just the same.

Josje has a 6th sense for where news is to be made or found and never misses out on an opportunity. Her experience covers the wide spectrum of startups, scale ups and corporates and has specialized as a communications and branding expert for innovative brands in Tech, Medtech and EnergyTech.


Willemijn Vader

Willemijn Vader – the story marketing expert

Willemijn is an idea machine. She has a broad background in Technology and Marketing; from having been the Creative Director and co-owner of the Dutch Technology boutique PR agency WhizPR, to now being an independent consultant in integrated communications. She helped many tech companies ranging from Google, Oracle and VMWare to e-Office and Tridion.

She has now specialized in story marketing, which is best described as using storytelling for constant and relevant streams of content to move customers through buyer journeys. She consults, executes and trains this way of creating brand impact.


Vincent Boon

Vincent Boon – the portrait photographer

Vincent is a photographer whose work I admire. He knows exactly how to make people look more or less personal, real, or (un)touchable. He is especially known for his characteristic portrait photography with distinctive colors, lighting and style with which he unveils the beauty and uniqueness of everyone who gets in front of his camera.

As a passionate and technically high-skilled photographer, Vincent is always on the lookout for new creative angles. In his advertising photography Vincent likes to create a different sense of reality that invites the viewer to search for the real and the unreal in his photographs. Vincent works for many publications, has served an impressive amount of commercial clients and his photographs have appeared in dozens of beautiful campaigns.


Michaël Ferron

Michaël Ferron – the artist

Michaël is a true creative artist, a craftsman, a philosopher, a connector, the kindest heart and most of all a virtuoso photographer. He is too versatile to fit any box, but he very well fits the box you are holding.

It is never just about the image in his work, it is about an idea. He has been very early to photography journalism; the type of images that, in one glance, tell a news item of a thousand words. In the past 30 years, he has, next to journalism and his free work done some impressive work where photography was embedded in the infrastructure of buildings of e.g. multinationals and hospitals to unify a message and the building’s function. His photos stand out for their fantasy, humor and unconventional use of light and color.


FJ Amsterdam

FJ Amsterdam – kick ass video campaigns

FJAmsterdam is a smart boutique video production company that makes (in their own words) kick ass, consumer grade, mobile first, measurable and converting video campaigns.

Videos that carry FJ’s signature are emotional and touching and they influence the customer journey, or as they prefer to say: data driven strategy combined with top notch creative.


Level V

Level V – all round video production

Level V stands for both high quality online video production and live streaming video at events.

Level V is very versatile and can help out with a video production need at any price level from customer references, to executive vlogs to mini-films. They are a pleasure to work with and surprise customers with their high quality standards.



Bink – brand activation events

These guys know how to rock company events anywhere in the world. Events that motivate and inspire its visitors, events that leave a lasting impression, and convey a message in a fun and effective manner.

They are well known for brand activation at any type of gathering, ranging from kick-offs, to customer events and award parties. Bink stands out when audience engagement is key.

On top of events, Bink specializes in incentives and city marketing.



Just – meaningful and exciting campaigns

Just is not just an advertising agency it is an agency that does meaningful work for exciting brands and exciting work for meaningful brands. This is not just a slogan, it is what they truly do.

This is a smart, and super creative agency of about 60 professionals. They get going when they are moved by a company’s story and then dig deeper to come up with executable brand visibility and activation campaigns which they can run from start to end with their team of experts.



EnSerio – PR agency for Tech Innovators

This is a boutique tech PR and inbound marketing agency in Amsterdam that is very well connected, hands-on and goal orientated. EnSerio works for companies that are challengers; organizations that change the way industries and businesses do things, smarter and better.


On Lime

On Lime – Organizational Culture Specialists

This is an agency of specialized organizational psychologists, who support organizations in realizing optimal alignment between strategy and culture. The attitudes and behaviors of employees are key to organizational success, as they can set organizations in motion and make or break the realization of strategic ambitions.

Next to Organizational Culture, On Lime specializes in Leadership development.


Matter Communications

Matter Communications – the best partner oversees

Matter is the best Tech agency I have seen. And I have seen quite some over the last 20 years.

Matter always impresses, goes beyond the brief, and is very well connected. Matter unifies PR and social, creative services and digital marketing. Matter excels at storytelling that inspires action and builds value.

Matter has won “PR Agency of the Year” 12 times – but they really are a full service agency originating from PR.

Matter employs close to 200 professionals throughout North-America. And next to Technology, they specialize in Health Care.


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